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Thread: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    running on the device (from the torrent) and they are q4 2012.

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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    hi my 20uk ver has full eu maps just use what nfs files you have, i have 7 as alot of them are old and there is no up to date 1"s its just realy the maps that are any good .citys etc are extra

    torrent please

    Quote Originally Posted by Jiaim View Post
    What's the exact function of each NFS files ?

    sure some of these are mandatory but i think some of them aren't really needed ? I'm at the critic stage where my 4gb memory card is to small and i'd rather have all the countries.

    eg :

    do I need phoneme_EU and phonemeV3_EU together ? or none of them if my devise doesn't use voice recognition ?

    TruckAttributes_EU.nfs if I don't drive a Truck ?

    what's the function of GCM_EU.nfs ?

    GTACityModels_XX_XX.nfs are transparent buildings right ?

    thanks in advance for a detailed answer.
    I run a Navigon 2310 modded with 20 PLUS 7.7.5 software.
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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    Navigon Europe Q4/2012 + NFS + Radars

    Maps for Navigon MN 7.xx application & MN 8.xx, Android

    Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia,
    Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
    Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro , Netherlands,
    Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,
    Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican, Great Britain, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey

    Radars for:
    Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Finland, Greece,
    England, Ireland, Italy, Horwacja, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
    Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia,
    Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic France (only MN8.xx)
    Includes NFS files
    WAKQ4NAVIGO.part1.rar - 502.0 MB
    WAKQ4NAVIGO.part2.rar - 502.0 MB
    WAKQ4NAVIGO.part3.rar - 502.0 MB
    WAKQ4NAVIGO.part4.rar - 502.0 MB
    WAKQ4NAVIGO.part5.rar - 447.0 MB
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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    Pls. Share TMC_EU.NFS & SAT_EU.NFS

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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    merci pour le partage

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    Re: Navigon MN7 & MN8 Q4_2012

    I've got a 3300 max upgraded to 4310 and these maps don't work. What now?

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