Since my last thread is unviewable, here is the new one, with updated link, sorry for a long reply, Im quite busy in the real world

Navitel and COM port patch tool (WinCE)

Tested and working on chinese PNA, WinCE 6.0, 128 megs RAM, SDMMC, COM 1

Patch for COM ports, and several navitel executables alternate modes are included in the archive

No map included

Eventhough the patch's menu is in Russian, the menu itself is very simple and pretty self explanatory, should be no trouble for one to use it to patch the executable according to one's gps com port

The default is COM port 1, so no need to use the patch for PNAs with COM port 1

All credits goes to the original Russian scene uploader ^___^

Navitel :link:


NOTE : The navitel's system menu WILL always display "COM1", even after being patched into another port, but it will work nonetheless