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Thread: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

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    Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    Hi All. this is Latest version of Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android.
    it is cracked and NO Map included
    Credit goes to (iranian Cracker) Carbuncle

    Navitel Navigator Android - hamta Corp. Edition by Carbuncle.rar


    Another Mirror:
    Download Navitel Navigator Android hamta Corp Edition Carbuncle rar

    What’s new in Navitel Navigator

    Route line with traffic indication! Now it’s even more easy to get traffic information , while driving.
    New design of display pages “Satellites” and exchanging SMS-messages is implemented.
    Font in program menu settings and information dashboard was enlarged.
    Size of switches was enlarged in menu “Settings”.
    Improved routing algorithm allows to avoid “loops”, while route planning, taking into account traffic data.
    Map search at menu “Search” was moved to the end of the list.
    For Android devices option of sound channel selection for audio playback was added.
    Bug with incorrect warnings about speeding was fixed.
    Bug with route planning at the mode “The fastest” was fixed.
    Stability and performance of Navitel Navigator were increased.


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    Re: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    thank you

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    Re: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    I downloaded Balkan 2012Q1 demo map. Not work.

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    Re: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    Tested on Galaxy Mini Samsung, using navigasi net Indonesian map. Work. Good for short routing, awful for long trip.

    Looks much pretier than previous version.

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    Re: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    Thank U Trosten I will try to my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, but still confuse which one to use map extention nm2 or nm3?

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    Re: Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0 For Android

    Works only on nm3 maps

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