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Thread: Need help install miopocket on navman s50 3d

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    Need help install miopocket on navman s50 3d

    Hi guys can any one tell me exactly what files from MIOPOCKET 3 or 4 must be add on SD card to unlock one Navman s50 3d.I try many ways but nothing happen on my sat nav still running navman program .I ve got in miopoket 4 3 yellow folders name >EXTRAS-8.71Mb,MEDIA-9.75 AND MioAutoRun -111Mb than some files named again MioAutoRun, MioAutoRun.mscr and MortScript. I done one folder name as my device S50 and I add in MioAutoRun -111Mb, MioAutoRun.mscr and MortScript than I rename the MioAutoRun -111Mb in Auto.exe and MioAutoRun.mscr in Auto.mscr the MortScript I don’t change . I done reset to the sat nav I insert the sd card in but noting happen . I wait your suggestions .Cheers

    I am comfused witch MioAutoRun to add the folder 111Mb or the file MioAutoRun witch is few kb

    Here is the steps I folow idea for web

    You need a Navman S Series as noted and a 2GB SD card. I am told that SDHC's dont work in these but I have not confirmed it. (EDIT - SDHC do apparently work - Many have used SDHC with success).

    How to install:

    1) Download the latest Miopocket release from the first post of this forum thread.

    2) Un-RAR the package to a folder on your PC & don't forget where you put it. Do not un-rar straight to the SD card.

    3) Copy the "Media" and "MioAutoRun" folders and their contents from the Miopocket package to the root of the SD card. (You can do this with an SD card reader or the Navman's inbuilt card reader via a USB cable). EDIT : Before copying make sure the SD card is formatted as FAT32. You can do this by right clicking on the drive under windows explorer and choosing Format. If it is not FAT32 it will work but many programs will be "broken" and fail.

    4) Create another folder on the SD card and rename it to the model number of your unit. eg - if you have an S80 create a folder called "S80". (EDIT - see further in the thread for the naming of the newer S 100 etc series)

    5) Copy the following files from the miopocket package to this new folder and rename as listed below:

    MortScript.exe (dont rename)
    MioAutoRun.exe ---> rename to "Auto.exe"
    MioAutoRun.mscr ---> rename to "Auto.mscr"

    6) Make sure Navman is fully powered off - hold power button down for 5 seconds. Insert SD card into Navman (disconnect USB cable if you have it plugged in) and power back on. The unit should perform the hack and bring you up to a desktop with a Windows Vista look and feel. EDIT : it may ask you to choose a "skin". Just choose windows vista.

    7) To get the Navman SmartST software running again : Tap on the Gold ball top left, or maybe the Navigator icon (these are launch icons that need to be configured to launch your software). It will give you an error - just click OK. Select "Mobile Navigator" and tap OK, then open "My Flash Disk / Program Files / Navman" and tap on the file "AppStartupSec.exe" and tap OK. This icon will now launch Navman software. EDIT : You can drill a little deeper into the folders and link to SmartST.exe instead. This will allow Miopocket to run an X icon top right that will allow you to quit Navman SmartST software.

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    Re: Need help install miopocket on navman s50 3d

    I have just done that for my S50 3D and it worked a charm, the only thing that was a tad out of the ordinary was in step 4 above (naming the folder). Name the folder you created S55 not S50 and it will work.



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