Hi all. i have a Chineese WinCe 6.0 device that runs Unlocked NDrive(10.1.15) . it has MobileNavigator folder(vautov5.dll, MobileNavigator.exe, Navigation.chc) in Residentflash and NDrive folder (maps folder and other files) in SD Memory.i want to upgrade to 10.2.09 or Ndrive11.4.03 but my device's internal memory is low(64MB) . i put MobileNavagitor folder of newer versions in residentflash and the other files in SD Memory but when i run the NDrive it makes other folders in Residentflash and can not read files from SD Memory .can anybody help me how to make NDrive10.2.09 or NDrive 11.4.03 starts from Residentflash and reads the remain files from SD? because i don't want to put .exe file in SD Memory and run directly from SD.