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Thread: Unlocking my SONY NV-U94T

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    Unlocking my SONY NV-U94T

    I have the SONY NV-U94T device. I planning soon a trip to EUROPE (from US).
    How can I unlock its NAV-U system and add some EUROPE Maps or install some other OS to add other nav system for using europe maps ?
    I have told that besides the US maps I can't add different countries maps.

    Can somebody help please ?


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    Re: Unlocking my SONY NV-U94T

    Let us consider the example of Sonya U82G. Step by Step. Easier to nowhere.
    Install ActiveSync. 4.5 (I use win xp cause win 7 with win mobile device center in case with sony useless)
    Open My Computer, look for "mobile device"
    Open it, look for a folder "MountedVolume"
    Open and erase everything except the folder SONY
    open SONY folder and delete everything except the folders "BitMap" and the 'nav-u'
    Open the folder "nav-u" and erase everything. After that it put contents of the file ____ (256,54 K)
    inside "nav-u"
    Peacefully sup beer, disconnect the USB cable from your browser, click on it RESET, turn on.
    If your hands are growing out of your destination has to boot up Total Commander.
    Next - not for the faint of heart. If something in the registry and change, the author is not to blame
    We go to the Plug-Ins and see REGISTRY
    We go to the REGISTRY can see the registry keys, we are interested in the key HKLM
    We go to the HKLM looking Drivers.
    Respectively, are also included and are looking for Active
    We go to the Active and start working
    Loop through the order of each key. We are interested in the contents of "Name"
    We are looking for those keys (01, 02, 03, 04, etc) in which the value of "Name" as well GPS1;
    and COM5;
    Write them down on paper! You should get only 2 digits, eg 15 and 18. Everything.
    Schaub did not suffer for long, we begin to touch with 10 key
    On this work with the registry has not ended. But for a start and that's enough.
    Connecting the navigator via ActiveSync, and the computer for the file contents nav-u.mscr
    1. Erase the first line to start the vehicle
    RunWait ("\ Mounted Volume \ Sony \ nav-u \ tc \ tc.exe")
    2. in block
    RunWait ("\ Mounted Volume \ Sony \ nav-u \ ToolDevice.exe", "off 18")
    RunWait ("\ Mounted Volume \ Sony \ nav-u \ ToolDevice.exe", "off 15")
    change the numbers 18 and 15 to those dug up in the registry.
    3. line
    RunWait ("\ MemoryStick \ Primo \ igo.exe")
    leads to a correct form, ie, specify the correct path to the program, in this case, IGO Primo, mounted on MemoryStick
    Save and Throws nav-u.mscr to his native place, namely in the folder''MountedVolume \ Sony \ Nav-u "
    Well, then is simple. We put on MemoryStick prog, such as IGO and setting indicates where we have a GPS module. A module on our COM5, 57600.
    for file sys.txt it will be something

    source = "nmea"
    port = "5"
    baud = "57600"


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    Re: Unlocking my SONY NV-U94T

    Hi - thanks for the comprehensive post - however, I do have a couple of questions...
    What version of Total Commander did you use - where do you put it on the Sony - and finally, how do you access it ?
    I didn't use your link above as it appears dead but used another similar set up and have installed on the root directory rather than card.
    I have put a version of TC in program files - but I don't think it can be the correct version.
    I've managed to access the menu for the various games - but don't understand where to put / how to access TC
    many thanks

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