I purchased a chinese GPS set from the following website (www.oemgps.com#) It runs windows Ce 6.0. I got a audio installer to install it in my AUDI A4. It came with a DVD and a touch panel to integrate with my existing multi media interface. However, the GPS refuses to launch no matter what I have done. All other functions (DVD, MP3 Files, reverse camera) works.

The GPS is running IGO8. Keeps prompting "Check SD Card" when I click on the Navi button even after I have updated the path . I've tried changing the SD card and still same problem surfaces.
The company that I bought it from has been trying to help over the last two weeks. Problem is still not resolved. I've also tried to edit the sys.txt file and removed [folder] as suggested by some threads on this site.

Desperate to get help. I live in Singapore.