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Thread: Chinese 2DIN QL-ARS278 firmware

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    Chinese 2DIN QL-ARS278 firmware

    Hi guys,

    Year and half ago I bought one of those all in one wonder,and it worked flawlessly until warranty expired.
    Problem is that after 3 or 4 mp3 played (from SD or DVD, from navi menu works normal) unit freezes.Other functions works but mp3/DVD player work only after power reset.If I understand correctly, those functions of unit were controlled via DVD firmware.So could the reloading of firmware solve the problem?If so, is it possible to get it somewhere?

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    Re: Chinese 2DIN QL-ARS278 firmware

    i am also interested of changing firmware of my device.

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    Re: Chinese 2DIN QL-ARS278 firmware

    well i have china 1 din Car GPS Navigation System with Bluetooth 1-DIN DVD ++ for sale running wince 5.0.I can't load maps or mio pockets can anybody help??any why can't i start a new thread

    and Lemi if im running 5.0 or changing to 6.0 or higher will be safe?

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