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Thread: Eonon Double-din GPS advice?

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    Eonon Double-din GPS advice?


    I have a Eonon G2227 double-din unit found here

    The unit did not come with GPS, but I have since tried Garmin Mobile XT, 2 different 'dumped' versions of Primo, and iGo 8. My experience with them is listed below, and I'm still trying to find a 'hassle free' solution, hopefully with your help!

    My requirements are:
    -Recent Australian maps (do quite a bit of 'rural' driving)
    -Up-to-date camera data
    -Speed limit/current speed display
    -Arrival time and current time
    -Text to speech

    My experience so far:

    This software seemed the most complete and ticked all the boxes, I have found the interface (particularly for settings etc) a little complicated but not a big deal. The main problem I have with Primo is that whenever there is an alert or direction the front speakers are muted whilst music continues from the back, but after a few audio alerts or directions the music doesnt come back on the front and neither do any alerts from primo. The navigation continues but I have to turn the unit off then on again to get the audio back correctly. This happens every trip at some point, sometimes a few times and there is no factor as far as I can tell as to what causes it, it seems to happen randomly.

    iGO 8
    The version I had locks at loading warnings and doesn't go any further. I would love to try a 'ripped' version of iGO if anyone has any links?

    This was the most 'reliable' until recently when I got an error trying to load it. Problems I had were that it does not show current time or arrival time - it just shows 4 dashes, and there appears to be no TTS, just direction voice prompts. The audio problem did not happen with Garmin though.

    I would also like to try Sygic as it seems that is what comes with the device, but I am having a hard time finding links for software/maps as alot of the links are for megaupload which is no longer available.

    If anyone can help me troubleshoot/fix the primo issue I would be very grateful, otherwise suggest a time fix and tts for Garmin or suggest some other software altogether? I would just like something that works and meets all my requirements, I don't really have a preference to any particular software.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Eonon Double-din GPS advice?

    good collection of maps

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