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Thread: Tracking GPS

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    Tracking GPS

    Anyone know anything about tracking GPS ?

    Ie. something I can put in the heels of my 14 year olds shoes & runners to find out where he is ?

    I've tried the find my friends on his iPhone, and he turns that off when he is up to no good, I have even put restrictions on his phone so he can't disable it, the he jailbreaks and disables the GPS.

    Need something different

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    Re: Tracking GPS

    Confiscate the phone!

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    Re: Tracking GPS

    ... by the way:

    you could have use a couple of seconds together with gooooooogle - my first hit was:

    GPS Smart Shoe, GPS Shoes, GPS Devices, GTX Corp, GTXO, Track your loved ones. GPS Smart Shoe, Aetrex and
    Affordable GPS Tracker Devices

    Try something with spy :-)

    Best of luck!

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    GPS Tracking

    Well, GPS tracking need's 2 devices, So a one can track another. One should be a mobile phone etc. And the other device is the GPS tracking device which is track down the mobile phone etc. Check this site to know more about GPS tracking devices. Think it will help.

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