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Thread: Problem with resolution afer installing Primo 1.2_9.2.0 on Targa 3530

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    Problem with resolution afer installing Primo 1.2_9.2.0 on Targa 3530

    Hi to all I have installed the Primo 1.2 9.2.0 on my Targa 3530 device, following the installation procedure found on this forum by member janch:

    TARGA TRAVELLER PNA-E3530N map update?

    I am getting following error when the Targa boots :

    User Interface resolution (320x240) is not supported or compatible skin can not be found.

    After looking at the folder of the Primo directory (of course in the Targa navigation I have rename it as Targa) I have noticed that there are just resolutions for 480x270 and 800x400.

    Down below are the specifications for Targa :

    * 2GB internal memory
    * 3.5" touch screen
    * Pre-loaded UK and Europeon map data
    * SiRFatlasIIIā„¢ 372MHz processor
    * Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
    * SD Card Slot
    * Mini USB port

    The system on it is Windows CE 5.0 with sygic and teleatlas maps from 2008.

    I figure out that I have to modify the file called sys.txt (have also downloaded the following program SysConfigurator_1.2.1) to tell what my Targa for resolution has.
    But if there is in the folder skin just resolution 480x270 and 800x400, I do not think it will work, am I wrong ?

    Can anyone help and give me advice what should I install to fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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