There are probably a few of you thinking "yeah, could have told you that" but I've just had the worst experience ever with them. They do not care about customer satisfaction and when I asked the simplest of questions, this is the reply I got - From their President. (

"I don’t know what this whole thing is about, but 3kingsaudio is closed and under criminal investigation, and its owner on the run. We don’t give warranty on anything purchased from 3kingsaudio as they have never been authorized to sell our products"

3 kings appear to be very much alive, and I've been in regular comms with them, this was just a "leave us alone, we don't care" reply - shocking really, I'm gobsmacked this guy has a job, let alone being the president.

so - If I were you, i'd suggest avoiding their products, as the service you get is utterly shocking.