Last year I bought a chinese media player and GPS for my Chevy captiva. the problem with that car is the design of the dashboard. A simple 2din could not fit in a reasonable height, so I was looking for something more specific.

I got this
FOR CHEVROLET CAPTIVA(2012 2014 ) android 4.4 Car audio, Cortex A9 Dual Core, support BOD ,support Steering Wheel Control,-in Car DVD from Automobiles & Motorcycles on | Alibaba Group

where actually is this seller and product
Chevrolet Captiva - CHEVROLETSERIES - Products - 珠海市捷瑞工业有限公司

the product is listed as JR2203C and its the version 800x480, with rear camera, dvb-t, dashboard camera.

Since day one I have a lot of problems and there is no support from the seller (a lady named Kate is playing with my nervous system without providing anything)

1. Igo voice is very low
2. ending call from Bluetooth paired device is not possible
3. ipod playlist menu is problematic, showing other song than the song that is playing
4. dvd-cd menu is childish design and buttons are not responsive
5. while changing menu options various noises coming from the speakers (like crack, spark noise)
6. no light or dimmer for the system itself, night time is without any light, I m guessing where is the buttons
7. dashboard camera not keeping settings, not initiating automatically while engine on but only manually
8. dashboard camera recorded files are not playable on the system
9. frequent messages that gapps have been stopped

Anybody has an idea where I can find ROM software for updating it?

Thanks (I am patient, I will go back to my home after few months)