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Thread: Innovatek 731 Car GPS System

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    Cool Innovatek 731 Car GPS System

    Years ago thier was a fantastic tutorial on here on how to successfully update your innovatek gps. It is now gone, and I cannot remember the steps. I have successfully booted into wince and have copied the contents of my gps to the resident flash directory.

    Heres the problem: Do i need to change the folder name on the resident flash directory where the gps software is held?

    When i leave wince and get to the GUI i press navigation, and nothing happens. I suppose it is because i either have to change the name of the executable to the system default or I have to map that shortcut to the new gps software.

    I have no idea what the original folder or executable was named so if anyone could help out that would be great.

    This is pretty much the same procedure for any innovatek or other chinese car dvd, gps, bluetooth player, so this thread should answer a lot of peoples questions. Thanks for all of you hard work and knowledge!

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