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Thread: Issue x8.5 on WinCE

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    Re: Issue x8.5 on WinCE

    I already installed th correct version of 480X272 into my Holux device, and it is running well with every function and map is also shown normal,
    Now the only problem should be the Baud Rate, can any senior here can help me to change for me as follow:-

    Com 1, Baud Rate 38400, NMEA,

    Thank you very very much.
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    Re: Papago X8.5

    i also got a china 2-din HU. install X8.5 for 800x40 but the com pack C1 happy file run in error. my com=1 and baud=9600. any idea ? i already paste the com 1 file thanks

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    request link for papago x8.5?
    Screen resolution 480x272
    Windows CE 5

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    im sorry, i dont know where to post, i just want to req papago X8.5, my baud = 4800 and com = 7 with screen resolution 480 x 272 and using Windows CE 6.0. thanks

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    Pls send me com 7 baudrate 4800. Thx.

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    hello everyone. not sure if any of you guys faced a similar problem, but each time papago x8.5 launches, it automatically changes my screen setting to the lowest brightness, and its hard to see in the day time.
    even if i go to my device setting and set the brightness back to maximum and save, the moment i launch papago, the brightness goes back to lowest.
    did not have this problem for a whole year running papago x5. anyone know how to fix this?
    THanks alot guys!

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    Hi, request for the download link for papago x8.5 for 800x480 and 480x234 and installation steps. Thank you.
    OS: WinCE 5
    RAM: 64MB
    port: COM6
    Baudrate: 4800
    Protocol: NMEA
    Malaysia map.

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    Re: Papago X8.5

    hi guys,

    any luck for Papago on 1024x600 screen running WInCE?


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    Request Com2, 19200 Happy file of Papago X8.5

    It seems our moderators and A few great Masters are quite busy now. I pressed thanks button a few times, but still got no reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Request Com2, 19200 Happy file of Papago X8.5

    request link for papago x8.5 800x480 com 2 baud rate 9600.thx

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