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Thread: papago lock

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    papago lock

    Hi, may you know GPS device got a software can lock the papago software inside the device?
    But still can see the file , cannot copy out.if not it will be corrupted..something like that..
    Hoping your good news soon.
    Thank you

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    Re: papago lock

    What device are you referring to?
    If you can't copy or delete them then it is a ROM file.
    No access via usb type B.

    Buy a usb type A to do it.
    Cost about $70 USD.
    Use for ROM flashing and fixed software installation
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    Re: papago device lock system

    isziz almost same like papago and garmin original set (security)?
    where can buy the usb type A?
    Are you selling it?

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    Re: papago device lock system

    ROM ware is firmware. Operating system file.
    Software is program to run.
    Don't get mixed up.
    Update or upgrade of firmware can be done by sdcard.
    But special program needed.
    Similarly updating Papago and Garmin also many others.

    Flashing is changing firmware inside the ROM.
    Not for amateurs. Same as phone wares.

    Buying - you can google to find it.
    Ensure you buy the correct one for your device. 5 pins or 6 pins.

    If you are thinking - to flash chinese generic or non OEM devices.
    Don't take the risk. You flash wrongly you get a paper weight. No support.
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    Re: papago lock

    ok.thanks for your good information.

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