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Thread: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    Thanks Jimmy! But I don"t understand dutch language. I'd like to get it in english version.

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    Quote Originally Posted by nenadk View Post
    hey guys, i found the solution by myself for issues i mentioned week ago...
    basicly, the reset buttons beneath the hardware (at bottom of the device) will do the job, and reinitialize the software (cd must be inside while you are reseting)...
    after that, just install the maps, one by one, and its all good...

    as long as your hardware works properly, i mean RT4, HDD, CD, etc you will find solution to fix the software...
    just be patient and go slowly, since RT4 is delicate hardware, not some quad monster, so take your time and go step by step...

    what i want to say also is that all links here at this forum are good and reliable - 100%, just go for it...if something goes wrong, most likely is that you caused the problem...
    i found a lot of good advices & solutions, just browse tru the all threads and topics, and you will probably find options which will help you to solve your problem...
    im very thankful for everything i found here, biggest up to all guys involved, you did a great job...
    Hi! Can you just explain or show on the picture which is/those buttons that you have to press to reset the device?
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive


    can i use this software on MMCS in Peugeot 4007 ?


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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    I have a 407 sw with an RT4. I have burnt an iso cd with 8.2 on. When I put it in cd drive with car engine running nothing happens. I have left car running and come back but the Cd is not being picked up. my software is 7.1 so I think I can go to 8.2.

    Can anyone help how I get the player to recognise the iso cd?


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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    Hi Lafemme,
    You probably have to burn it again. Do it at good CDR (Verbatim, Sony etc.) and at the lowest speed avaible.

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    I'm Dutch and write this with goole translate.

    My 307 with RT4 had version 7.11. 8.20 Have downloaded and then burned. I did this on a Sony CD-R with the program CDBurnerXP. Fires can also ImgBurn. Choose the lowest version ... I write speed 2x done. After burning car and started the CD it done. Then it was a fact verise 8.20 and everything works fine.

    Important what has been said here, choose a good CD-R and low burn rate.

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    Hi I have a citroen c5 mk2 2007 which has an rt4 (I think as it is running SW 8.20.G.R3). The problem I have is the climate control menu is missing on my menu screen (see photo) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG0042.jpg 
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Size:	74.0 KB 
ID:	8396. Also when I press the climate control button on the unit nothing happens and when i use the controls nothing comes up on the screen.
    I am also missing the video menu icon (i have the plug in my glovebox) and some other sub menus. Before I give the car to citroen (plus at least £90) is there anything I can do and has anyone else come across this problem.

    Thanks H

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    Dear All

    My navigation system is down. The hard drive is dead, the tester says communication error with multidisplay. What can I do? Please help.

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    after update sw 8.20 navigation reports: "To continue the update, please insert CD type "LA" CD."
    What does this mean? Can anyone help?
    The car is Peugeot 407 2007 with RT4/5.

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    Re: Software CD 8.20 RT4 RT5 Navidrive

    hi all i have a 2009 407 with the rt4/5 system that came with 8.11 i only updated to see if it would fix the bluetooth from disconnecting when trying to make a call but i see no diffrenence at all with this firmware update apart from bootup logo and a horrible crack through the speakers on startup i am also looking for a full factory reset e.g no phone numbers, radio stations ect. not the hold the dark button 1 which leaves eveything as is

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