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Thread: How to import POIs - SMEG+

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    Question How to import POIs - SMEG+

    This topic is for the member zagl who can't open the topics himself yet ...

    I took a few days my C4 Picasso and, as far as I could tell, it should fit the browser SMEG +. I would like to include in my browser PDI (about 250), but can not figure out how. In the menu there is an item "Import POI" and when clicked takes the USB stick (attach photo). Even the Citroen dealership in my town does not know the procedure and the manual does not mention it at all.
    Someone has a clue?
    The car in question is the newest Citroen C4 Technospace.

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    Re: How to import POIs - SMEG+

    Quote Originally Posted by zagl View Post
    I found an interesting correspondence on the Internet. This issue affects. CitroenRetailGroup

    "John Njen Regarding importing my own Points Of Interest onto SatNav.
    I have spoken with Navteq (HERE) who tell me that they only supply the maps to Citroen and they have nothing to do with the menu system on the New C4 Picasso and that is down to Citroen themselves.
    Today (03/03/2014) I booked it into the Citroen garage where we got the car from (Citroen in St.John's, Worcester) To see if they could sort it out and after 3/4 of an hour they came back saying they don't know how to import my own POIs onto the SatNav and to get back in touch with you and maybe you can sort it out.
    Now I would have thought It was one of the basic functions of a SatNav is to put your own POIs on your unit (say for instance disabled toilets for my wife) this is one of the reasons we chose a Motability car from Citroen, and now we find out It doesn't have this basic function and for a unit costing many hundreds of pounds this is really POOR.
    The other thin regarding this SatNav why after having the car for only few weeks the Map is out of date? We purchased the car in 2014 but the maps are 2013.
    Your thoughts on this?
    Citroen Retail Group
    Hi John, to add your own POI you need to create a database using some compatible software, once loaded into the software, this then
    allows the import functionality. It would be best to search on 'POI software' for more detail.
    The dealer you purchased from is not part of Citroen Retail Group, so we're unable to comment on levels of service and update status of maps.
    If after you've had a look online you require some assistance please get in touch with a CRG dealer: Citroen Retail Group | New and Used Citroen Dealers or DM your contact details. Thanks"

    The solution is not clear from the correspondence.

    p.s. I wrote a letter to my own Citroen dealer. If I get the answer, then I'm going to be published.
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