Can somebody tell my how to count (seet) CRC in file "display_load" from VDO RT2 navigation firmware from Citroen C5/Peugeot 607?

This firmware have 2 difference files "display_load" in folder 100 and 200.

In file from folder 100 oryginal crc is in 0037D480 line and is "10 FA CA 97".
In file from folder 200 oryginal crc is in 00352E00 line and is "C6 C7 DC E0".

I want modify file and then set new CRC but i don't know how to do this.

Maybe it's some program (editor) for this navigation system like is in BMW (NawTweak). This firmware is similar to BMW MK2-4 but in BMW only need navboot edit.

Can somebody share program decompile.exe OS-9 system (like this thread Menu in your own languages - all links is dead.