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Thread: Pioneer Avic EU 2012 Q1

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    Pioneer Avic EU 2012 Q1

    Ive found these files somewhere somehow. Dont know the compatebility and howto, i just wanna share it with you all.
    These files were tested by its poster on a AVIC F-9110 BT with firmware (3.x) though.

    NZB: AVIC Europa 2012 Q1 maps.nzb
    #a premium newsreader is advised.

    Regular hosting site download:

    • Download the files above
    • Extract them to the root of your SD card
    • Insert SD card with only the folders from the ZIP file in the root
    • Boot the unit in testmode (if you have the testmode folder in the root this will happen automagically)
    • Make a complete backup of the flashdrive!
    • Verify your backup is correct and copy this over to you PC so you have 2 backups.
    • Go into the iGo/CONTENT folder. On my unit this folder is located in the APL2 folder.
    • Delete the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders
    • Copy the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders from the SD card to the flashdrive of your unit
    • Copy the EZRIDER.EXE to the iGo folder, replacing the file already there
    • Now reboot the unit, remove the SD card and enjoy the latest maps

    Extramundo thanks to the original sharer Bento and the pointer Fossil.
    I have just the intention to inform you all where to find navsoft on usenet, as a alternative to "regular hosting sites". I tried to post as decent possible and will check if some usefull feedback is given qua posting or qua info. Also hereby said that my main goal is to inform Gpsunderground users on where navsoft could be found on usenet, I leave technical support to the more experienced members.
    I created a quick how-to-download-with-usenet in my profile.
    ps: I inform you all as a hobby, only just for a little appreciation and time spending. Please have a courtesy of saying thanks (0.2 second move) so I can see for whom I do this..
    You wanna do whát with that screwdriver?

    Read this thread for a quick usenet-reader-setup:
    Look in my profile for more usenet-info:
    PM possible in English-Deutsch-Nederlands:

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