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Thread: CNDV-1000HD needed

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    Cool CNDV-1000HD needed

    Hi everybody!
    Is there someone that could post these DVD?

    They are compatible with AVIC-HD1BT, AVIC-HD3 e AVIC-HD3-2.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    Anybody that would comply with this request is doing something foolish

    The DVD for these systems can only be installed onto the HDD with a password obtained from the Pioneer website
    This password is issued after entering the unique equipment code and the unique DVD code.
    After they have been used once, the codes are blocked and can never be used again/

    So it is absolutely impossible to use a copy of the DVD to update your system
    End of story and as you will agree, a perfect piece of market protection and a useless effort to upload the DVD
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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    in old Russian forum they find the solution for the pioneer HDD systems.
    if any one can translate the pdf file to upload again.
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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    This is what an on-line translation looks like
    Anyway it is explained that the HDD should be removed from the system!

    I present below the chronology of events on “safe” extraction HDD from AVIC_[a].
    There was frost. and [fotki] left not [superskie]… but completely everything understandably and distinguished + added
    (after harvesting CTRL + necessary image, it will be opened its enlarged image, with the presence
    of the Internet)
    thus let us begin…
    after writing down service disk on DVD-R/RW ingot (speed I usually place [KH]2/[KH]4 not more),
    we establish it in AVIC
    during the load STD in the screen it appears the following communication “[Nechitaemyy] disk”. To be frightened
    this fact is not must…. we await further load of disk.
    the first communication is soon changed by the data by screen. Disk can be loaded from 20 it flogged to 1,5
    shows the current version of loaded [softa]… and the fact that disk is successfully identified, and solves
    this service menu, which to us is necessary, namely [p].9 which is located on the second
    page. In order to [preyti] to the second page necessary to harvest to “right” swing of book. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <trk> 1
    See. track is the slide
    Of [etap]_5
    before us the second page of service menu.
    For changing status HDD it is necessary to pass into the point of menu 9.
    For this we press the left swing of book. [P.List] of 3 times. The point of menu will be isolated with red color.
    For “the entrance” into this point it is necessary to harvest book. [MENU] of 1 times.
    after “the entrance” into [p].9 of service menu on the screen will appear the following communication “Push POS
    of execute HDD of mode of change ".
    For the transfer HDD into the regime “replacement” it is necessary to harvest book. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <map> 1 time.
    On the screen the communication short-term will appear… see. track the slide
    Of [etap]_7
    it is now necessary to return to the service menu.
    For this it is necessary to harvest book. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <av> 1 time
    Of [etap]_8
    after returning in the service menu we we see that [p].9 is noted by symbol <> - asterisk, and this means
    that all made previously operations they are executed correctly and password with HDD is taken to the subsequent
    load Of aVIC_[a].
    Now it is possible to pass to the withdrawal HDD.
    see. the track photo…
    is discovered screen and we prepare all necessary tools - screwdriver under the bit itself to bit -
    asterisk 8.
    We turn off completely ignition (or the key of ignition to position 0)
    we unscrew 2 screws of fastening jacket HDD and for the nylon tape we extract it, with the small
    effort. It should not be pulled…
    after “the renovation” OF HDD on [kompe]… we establish on the previous place and fix with its
    protective housing even 2 by screws.
    AND ONLY after this!!!! we put key in the ignition and it is transferred it into the position ACC
    [ZHK] the screen Of aVIC_[a] automatically will be shut and will begin the process “of the renovation” of AVIC_[a] itself.
    The presence of a constant nourishment here is crucial point…
    process itself occupies approximately 2 -5 minutes depending on the version of previous [softa] AVICA.
    We carry out no actions… only we observe…
    during “reloading” OF AVICA it is necessary to extract STD.
    Is discovered BY [ZHK] screen and [nazh]. Eject, we extract disk… we shut screen, BY AVIC continue
    to be loaded…
    But if they missed the given moment, then after the load of service menu, we extract STD and
    we press the button of <RESET> - left lower angle [ZHK] of screen. AVIC “departs” to the reloading.
    The basic process of renovation is successfully completed!!!
    It is necessary for the self-verification:
    - to wait for the load Of aVIC_[a];
    - to harvest book. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <menu>;
    - to select the laying of <[Nastroyki]>;
    - to select the point of <[Menyu]>;
    - to select the point of <[Servisnaya]>;
    we compare:
    - Version…. 04.0000
    - number of device…. Your number
    - version CDDB…. 09-01-0020
    on this moment it is possible to complete narration…
    N.B. При необходимости снять повторно HDD используем данную процедуру и STD.
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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    if someone has the image partition, with maps for Europe 2010 CNDV-1000HD? We urgently need

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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    The procedure to use copied map exists, we need only a image of an European HD Map 2010:

    Title: Service Test Disk (STD) for Pioneer AVIC-Zx/HDx
    Year / Release: 2007
    Supported languages: English
    Compatible with: Pioneer AVIC-Zx/HDx
    Description: Service Test Disk (STD)
    A disc that allows you to test your navigation system.
    Best of all, there is a function for removeing the internal hard disk lock

    Ext. Information: Advanced - Brochure Service Manual

    The procedure to unlock your hard disk
    1. Burn "Service Test Disc" on DVD-R disc (+ R does not work)
    2. Ignition Key to the ACC
    3. STD inserted into AVIC
    4. When the disc is inserted, the following title shows "06 INTERNATIO NAL NAVI TEST DISC: GGV1194"
    Then the "Test Menu appears"
    5. During the "Test Menu", select next page
    5. Select option 6 "HDD FLG Set" - p. 214 manual
    6. Now the AVIC unlocks the hard disk
    7. Return to the main menu by pressing the "AV"
    8. On the menu screen "6 HDD FLG Set" will be marked with an asterisk - * which means that the password is temporarily removed
    9. Open the display to horizontal;
    10. Turn the ignition key to 0
    11. Unscrew the two HDD cover T8 screws
    12. Now you can connect the HDD to your PC and perform all the necessary updates
    14. Replace the hard drive into AVIC and tighten the screws
    15. Turn the ignition key to AC
    16. The unit starts and the screen is shut. At this point you can click the Eject button and remove the disc into the drive
    Press the switch "RESET" (This action is always advisable to do after work in test mode, the prepare the system for everyday use)
    17. master password will again be restored to disk.

    At the point n°12 we have to made 2 passage:

    12A - Create a Backup of Your Current AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Hard Drive
    Use Acronis True Image Home 2010 to create a backup image of your AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 hard drive. This step is optional but good practice incase you have problems later on.

    12B- - Restore the AVIC Z3 Image to Your AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Hard Drive (HD image of european map 2010)
    Use Acronis True Image Home 2010 to restore the .tib file (unrar first if needed) to your AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 hard drive.
    Alternative: you may restore only the LDATA and SDATA partitions leaving your personal data (USER) and stored music (MSV) intact.

    For now HD image of european map 2010 made with Acronis can't be found anywhere...only USA map! If someone will find this we can start to try this procedure! For now I post "PIONEER TEST DISC" to unlock the drive for free and the USA 2010 map.

    Pioneer_Service_Test_Disk (STD).torrent

    N.B: This procedure was tested in Avic Z1\Z2\Z3 Unit but it should work also for Avic HD unit.
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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    I still have not found a disk image for the cndv-1000hd European maps. Most likely many of you are as interested as I am. Who has been lucky and can help us out with a download? Thanks!

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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    And if you were to find one what would you do with it without the necessary password
    You can only clone a ready installed hHDD and nothing else

    I cannot understand why you are asking. If you would read the rest of the post you would certainly understand that up/downloading is completley pointless
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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    I will test Euopean CNDV-1000HD (2010 maps) hard disk image soon for pioneer HD, Z units; if I'll obtain good results I'll post another Pioneer guide such as JVCNX7000 with all the necessary material.

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    Re: CNDV-1000HD needed

    You know if someone has the image CNDV-1000HD?

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