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Thread: What NAVI soft is better?

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    Re: What NAVI soft is better?

    Quote Originally Posted by dalanik View Post
    Ugh, TeleAtlas=Map provider; TomTom=Software Developer...
    HI all of You from the home of iGO (Hungary)
    As a crasy GPS tester the answer is :
    As Hardware Garmin and TomTom quite similar. Garmin soft much userfriend.
    As modification Garmin 100x better (cut or join maps..etc) You cannot do it with TT...
    About iGO/Primo.. Most of the WinCE GPS are not too strong in HW but the newests are ok.(for older models 64MB 300-400MHz CPU also works if you do not want extra skins...etc.-I mean light version ...maps are just the same) Screens are not as sharp as in Garmin or TT.(other Tech.) You can do what you want with it.100 of skins (But GPS not a TV player to watch movie-dangerous !) Good maps. For EU: West - TA (bought by TT) East: TopMap or local providers... For Truck drivers Navteq maps for whole EU but map changer works with it.You can put countries to the content folder what You want. etc. - What can be the best to me ? .....Garmin Hardware with iGO software :-) It cannot be because Garmin and TT works on Linux iGO/Primo on Windows platform. - I just come back from Australia and used Garmin and iGO Primo together. Maps were similar but sunshine is very strong there that's why Garmin screen was better.
    Have a good trip all of You. Open Your eyes use your brain... and do not beleive 100% in GPS.
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    Re: What NAVI soft is better?

    Acura / Honda. I wonder what s/w they use..

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    Thumbs up Re: What NAVI soft is better?

    For India nothing beats MireoBE31r with MMI India latest maps 8.0 or may be 8.1. Details are best. Software smoothly on WinCE and Sygic with MMI for Android.

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    Re: What NAVI soft is better?

    Hí guys,

    I am new to the forum, but would really appreciate some help in buying a new (2nd hand one) Navi.

    Lane assistant
    5ich HD screen
    Easily up-datable with maps (and working traffic info, speed cameras) from this forum
    Pricerange: up to GBP 100 (dont want to splash out more as I will be using it max once / month (as said, would be happy with a 2nd hand one)

    I am living in Germany so most trips are to Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Hungary and Sweden.

    When I say easy to update I am having in mind me (a few years ago) trying to update my mums TT. After 3 hours of pissing around with it I had to give up as you basically had to re-program the whole thing to get it to work. On the other hand, I updated a Garmin of a friend the last week, it was just to drag over a .dmg image and job done.

    I was on the verge of buying a TT 1005 but luckily before I went for it I saw on this forum that they can't be updated, so that kind of spoiled the fun.

    Anyhow, ideas, suggestions are very welcome,


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    Re: What NAVI soft is better?

    me i go work to me

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