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Thread: can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

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    Question can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

    hi all i have an old hp ipaq hx 2100 and a bluetooth gps reciver can i install tomtom to it and if so can you please tell me how i do this as im now to this thanks a lot

    regards brian

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    Re: can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

    hello any one home round this forum ????

    i got it now download link
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    Re: can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

    Don't know about TomTom. You might want to try Garmin though. Look here : Garmin: Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile Updates & Downloads

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    Re: can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

    thanks for your help but this tomtom says windows mobile so why can i not install tomtom
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    Wink Re: TomTom 7 for Windows Mobile 2003

    TomTom 7 for Windows Mobile 2003


    * Works on WiMo 2003(SE)
    * Includes latest Benelux Maps (version 8.40)
    * Includes Dutch voices
    * Only total size of 120MB
    * Latest version of TomTom Navigator(7.9)

    This application works ONLY on Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 2003SE !
    Do not try to install this on a Windows CE or Windows Mobile 5/6 device.
    This is NOT an official or copied version.
    I have changed a lot of things to work with Windows Mobile 2003.

    If you can't get it working, check your time & date settings, make sure you have
    the latest ROM for your device, and try again after a hard-reset.


    1. Format your SD-card as FAT32.
    2. Copy all files in folder "COPY_TO_SD_CARD" to your SD-card.
    3. Insert SD-card in Windows Mobile device.
    4. Start File Manager and install (in INSTALLER directory).
    5. Start TomTom 7 Navigator from Menu.
    6. After setting it up, it will tell you the map is not activated.
    7. Quit the TomTom application or softreset your phone.
    8. Put the SD-card back in your PC.
    9. Open the file "ttnavigator.bif" with Notepad and copy the code after "DeviceUniqueID=" to the "DeviceID.txt" file in "KEYGEN_TOOLS".
    10. Now copy the ".meta" file (Benelux-110.meta in this case) to "insert_meta_from_Map_here".
    11. For all other maps than Benelux, add META-info to META.txt in Progs directory.
    12. Open "RunMeforDCT.cmd", select option 1, then select option 1.
    13. If it says OK, copy the ".meta.dct" file from "insert_meta_from_Map_here" to your map folder (BENELUX).
    14. Now put your SD-card back in your PDA and start TomTom 7.

    download link

    tt 7 for Windows Mobile 2003.rar

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    Re: can i install tomtom on ipaq hx 2100

    thanks i see my posts now
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