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Thread: Sygic Colour Scheme

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    Sygic Colour Scheme

    Does anyone know how to change the font and / or background colour when selecting a route.
    when I navigate to an address the town name and the street name i am looking for come up in white text on a light blue background. This is very difficult to see especially during the day. Can this be changed to show black text on a white background


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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Hi shadow20

    To change colour letters from Menu:
    Conect your GPS as a mass storage
    - Go to res>skin> and open it with notepad
    - Now search this line: <textStyle id="" color="" colorSel="" borderColor="" borderColorSel="" leadingMultiplier="0.8" count="1" font1=""/>
    color="" is the letter colour, and change with the colour you want like: color="pen.textRed"

    - color="pen.textBlue"
    - color="pen.textLightBlue"
    - color="pen.textGreen"
    - color="pen.textGreenLA"
    - color="pen.textOrange"
    - color="pen.textBlack"
    - color="pen.textWhite"
    - borderColor="" is the colour of the letter limit, change for anyone of this: bordercolor="pen.textRed"
    - bordercolor="pen.textBlue"
    - bordercolor="pen.textLightBlue"
    - bordercolor="pen.textGreen"
    - bordercolor="pen.textGreenLA"
    - bordercolor="pen.textOrange"
    - bordercolor="pen.textBlack"
    - bordercolor="pen.textWhite"
    - Close and keep changes
    - Now, VERY IMPORTANT, delete the file aplication.q you can find it at: res>skin>aplication.q (If you don’t delete this file, changes don’t apply). Don’t worry when Sygic goes on, a new file will be made.

    Best regards
    "Don't send me PM when there is a topic to place the question"

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Thanks Luis
    Managed to change the white text to black and now much easier to see.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Trying to make this change to my own system. Can't find the item in SygicColors, and searching I cannot find any of the line/text from Luis's tutorial
    v7.50408 if it matters...


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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    This is the changes I made file

    Find the line:
    <textStyle id="text.list" color="pen.list" colorSel="pen.listSel" count="2" font1="font.light.18" font2="font.light.14"/>

    and change it to:
    <textStyle id="text.list" color="pen.textBlack" colorSel="pen.textBlack" count="2" font1="font.light.18" font2="font.light.14"/>

    remember to follow Luis instructions and delete the file aplication.q

    let us know if it works

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    I don't think I'm being stupid here, but I really can't find that line. Somebody wanna have a lookie for me?
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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    What version do you have. I am running version 8.24 on a win ce 5 satnav. Maybe the file structure is different on your version. On my satnav I have a folder named Sygic824 and within that folder are 4 other folders named:
    Hopefully Luis will come back on line and may be able to help you

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Hello everybody,

    It is my first post here and I would like to thank you to all ... I found on this site what I needed about GPS software.

    My question is about how to disable the street name that appears in the middle of the screen. For small screens (3.2", 3.7"), this information (next street name) hide the most important information which is the route and its intersections. I attached a small picture ... and the street is encircled (Danson Road). If it is not possible to disable, how to change the background color (to put invisible) and the text color (from white/light blue to black) ?

    I use Sygic 8.24 on WM6.5 (omnia i8000)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sygic_10_3.png 
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ID:	5602

    All the best and thank you !

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Hello again,

    I changed almost all colors in the section indicated by Luis (TEXTSTYLES) and ... nothing changes on this "next street" that disturb the map.

    If someone knows the solution ...

    Thank you !

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    Re: Sygic Colour Scheme

    Try to use this program to change the size of the road

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