I would like to customize the configuration file directly.
Here's the beginning of a 'settings.ini' file :

title=Sygic AURA


; use memory=low if the device has very limited amount of program memory

; Define custom splash screen

; topMost=true -> no other application will appear above navigation
; topMost=false -> other applications (e.g. MP3 player) can be displayed above navigation window

; Other values read by code:

; Select driver (defines assignment of keys, backlight, com port handling and more)

There are explanations about the features of certain parameters, but not all.
Sometimes it's easy to change a value as true or false, but regarding the format of certain fields (numeric or alphanumeric) : it's difficult or impossible to deduce how to fill a value.

Does anyone have a FAQ detailing values ​​and formats of all fields, and explanations for each ?

Thank's in advance !