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Thread: Sygic 12.1.3 quality

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    Sygic 12.1.3 quality limited by phone home?

    I used 11.2.6 successfully without major problems and installed 12.1.3 but have a lot of stability problems now ......

    Using 11.2.6 i rarely crashed the android (CM7.2) but occasionally lost the SYGIC application forcing me to restart it ....
    It(11.2.6) was exceptional slow on start up (2 minutes) and whenever i Went to the backgroud(phonecall /message ) I had to reinitialise ...... back 2 minutes lost .....
    but 12.1.3 seems to be MUCH worse....

    Since short I installed Sysgic 12.1.3 and have mayor problems.
    Very at least every 15 minutes i crash Sysgic and or the android.
    -A lot of problems on the second run of Sysgic()12.1.3) ( first run sysgic 12.1.3 +-ok) until... i got a call or message ... then it crashes or is hardly responsive ....... lagging or even simply blocking
    - 1 on 2 crashes freezes the android completely hereby locking all possible phone calls ....)
    -Problems linking and syncing GPS takes a very long time or never happens (far worse then before or using other applications )
    -On other runs it displays 7 to 10 active satellites and remains waiting for GPS position for ever ....... (screen responsive but never a GPS lock.
    -ALTHOUGH TO EARLY ....I have the impression it crashes on a call or a message then ends up freezing/crashing the phone as a whole ...

    Ps: playing arroud with the appplication 12.1.3 (at home) it seems to work fine and is definitly more snappy and better then(11.2.6) ever before untill it is used in the car ==== loCKING AND

    AS i was looking at a logcat. The problem area seems to be filled
    With call back/phone homes to sygic ... as sygic is launced on the road these PAID communications reporting your lat and lon back to Sygic seem to cause cause 'the' problems. As i set the destination
    Under a Wifi network the problems seem to disapear! !!!!

    Sygic is doing A phone Home!!!!
    with nasty behavior problems!
    General fault: during startup screen goes completely blank no indication anything is active. This leads to try to activate pushing the power buttun (was it dead )
    sometimes this takes minutes ,... sometimes it never gets out forcing me to reboot......
    as the leading icon (sygic is shown there is a 50/50 chance to be workable for 15 minutes or be as laggy(minutes) as can be .....
    Long startup time is very annoying ..... would be better to allow entering destination during that time....

    I did re install the application multiple times after uninstall// complete erase ..... but although different each time never get a usable install
    as I use 11.2.6 on the same machine same os same configuration

    -possible Corruption on call or message
    -possible bad GPS sync when starting from internal battery and switching to in car power during startup (seems recipe fort misery)
    -possible as GPS is not stable prior to starting passing settings to enable GPS.... seems recipe fort misery
    -Stable GPS prior to start of Sysgic is NO warranty for finding satellites later (NO satellite found [outside]

    It seems to be more stable as GPS reception is very difficult .... Then the application runs fine and snappy never had a problem except then a gps is useless...

    using Samsung GIO cm7.2 arm6
    Syigic + 300 Mb maps version 2013Q1

    Does anyone has such bad experience ? can anyone confirm deny,, give a tip to optimize stability ???

    Thanks in advance , will go back to 11.2.6 at least that works .
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