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Thread: Sygic11stable Sygic12 very unstable???

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    Sygic11stable Sygic12 very unstable???

    Have bad experiance using sygic12 opposed to sygic11.

    12.2.2. After setting off all internet access including all feedback and trafic feedback

    I still have horrible problems in life conditions.At home all is running beautifully and is realy magnificent.

    Startup on the route( gps changing and changing network connections cause 100% system crash or lockup in the init phase.
    A/ html priority higher then gps.
    as it can not reach the internet gps stays locked)
    B)) bad process controll
    often fails to respond on device orientation. Presents vertical permanent on horizontal screen
    Often locked. No gps update
    Often locked in route overview with full satelites available.. Wibbels on kompass but no navigation...

    In short works only at home?
    Never had more then 5 minutes usefull navigation. Apllication crapp and or not ready for the market....
    Reverting to a working 11.2.6

    Version 12 is locking. Up all the time+crashing itself. And the mobile...
    As i disconect all but wifi conditions it should not be able to update on the run since just that is failing . But that just the area Where i encounter. Most problems.sygic Version11 does not do such behavior. But the route calculation is below norm.

    Can anyone. Confirm the behavior?
    Stable. At home (good wifi) but hardly usefull there..stock rom and cm7 running perfect with other aps ..
    Very unstable on the run outside .. Where a gps program is to be used ....but superieur route calculation

    Comments, experiance, suggesties welkome
    I feel alone. With the problemen
    Enthusiastic Gio User
    Very glad with the work done
    But sometimes a pusher for results( nothing bad intended)
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    Additional errors once the network is a firewall
    3 modes
    A) high speed mode nice interface day an d night mode has a stability of arround 60- 30 minutes odd problems causing the android to crash.
    B)low speed where navigating is usefull.... 1 to 4 minut stability.
    Slowed down gps. Trigering the postion freezes and jumps sometimes laggy by several street the program gps folliw up freezes for longer periods.zProgram iften can be aborted and restarted.
    Mode 3 startup. Seems like a casino. 50% chance of getting stuck during roud calculatuin the app freezes no way to get further...
    It seens to depend on used speed range during sygic startup.

    In short you are getting a buggy heap of trouble not very usefull
    Nice user interface but not able to handle its primary work even when the netwirk is completey blocked....

    Tried tomtom much simpler vut only 1 problem.... Much much faster on the gps.

    gio user,
    using cm7.2 for stability

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