I have installed Sygic 15.3.10 cracked with hud and dashcam on my xperia z2 android phone , all works well but speedcams are not displayed, the alert sound when approaching a speedcam is played though when a speedcam is detected on the way.
How can i force speedcams to be displayed on the screen ?
The previous version was displaying them , it was the 12.x.x version ( don't remember the other numbers sry )
This new version only plays the sound, so it is not very easy to know where the speedcam is.
And how to get rid of the "this functionnality is not allowed in your country " message when tapping on the speedcam icon on the bottom left ?
Because in my country this functionnality is allowed ! ( i'm living in France where the " Coyotte " device is equipping a large portion of the cars here, this device uses the functionnality of telling other drivers where the dangers of the road are, like the one on sygic )
Some help ?