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Thread: Sygic with TOPMAP for Eastern Europe

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    Sygic with TOPMAP for Eastern Europe


    Im from Slovenia and im using Sygic Europe navigation software for iPhone and Android. I can tell, that the coverage of Eastern Europe with Tele Atlas maps are very poor. There are fake roads, there are new roads from year 2008 and this roads are not in the 2011.03 map from Tele Atlas....

    The same thing is for other Eastern Europe countryes (Croatia, Cheze republik, Bolgarija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia...).

    Sygic will be very EXELLENT navigation, if they were using:-
    - for Western europe (Tele Atlas maps)
    - for Eastern europe (TopMap - local provider)

    They should use it together (combined), like iGo using Navteq maps for WE and TopMap for EE.

    So, here you can give 3 votes in maybe they will use TopMap for EE:
    Use top map for eastern europe (Monolit, Navigo...) and not the maps from Tele Atlas for Sygic Aur

    Here you can give another 3 votes (is the same suggestion):
    use detailed maps from Top Map for Balkan

    Thanks for all your votes. I hope, that Sygic will choose TopMap for EE!

    Best regards

    p.s. sorry for my English

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