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Thread: Request for Sygic USA maps

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    NORTH-AM maps : Access this protected link package @

    the link doesn't work - leads to empty file set

    Anyone knows where to get US maps?

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    hi i have a double din dvd car gps the software is Windows CE 5.0 & Sygic can does anyone know where i can find the software for canada and usa for my sd everything i need, my chip corupted missing files.i still can put chip in comp but its missing file on gps wont load can anyone help.

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    Dear all,

    My brother just gave me an old Pilot 3500 GPS Navigator that has Sygic 7.197 installed (build 86D), with map version 5.67
    Currently the navigator only has a map for Greece installed, and I would like to add a map for USA. If I understood correctly
    from reading this thread, several of the links would not work on such an old Sygic version. My questions are:
    1) Is there a USA map available that might work on my navigator?
    2) If so, what do I do once I download it? Create a folder at the navigator and try creating a corresponding MML file?

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    Or you can just buy the license for 40 bucks in their e-shop Dont tell me it will ruin you

    Maps are bound to the version. So if you are using very old version, your maps would be even older and new roads will not be included

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    I've been trying to get Sygic Fleet 8.30 for PC working and I'm nearly there! These forums have been really helpful so thanks to everyone who posted info on the process!!
    I've been able to get Sygic activated with EU maps but no luck with North American maps. I've tried using the world mlm but I can't even get it to recognize the EU maps. The mlm that works with the EU maps is the MLM that came with in the RAR with the maps.

    Here is the MLM I've been trying to use

    [PRODUCTrive10 World]
    name=Drive10 World

    This is the EU MLM that does work

    [PRODUCTrive10 Europe]
    name=Drive10 Europe

    next to maps, I understand what TA:EXTEUR:2010.06 is stating but I don't know what SN:ROU:2010.08 means so I don't know if it's important for the US maps or how to get that info from them.

    I've tried the maps from the sygic downloader 1.9 but those aren't working for me either although I'm not really surprised since they are for mobile devices.
    The folders I got from the downloader are named like this can.ta.2013.01 which leads me to my next question. Are there any newer maps than 2009 for US? I've done hours of searching and US maps are pretty difficult to come by.

    TIA to anyone who can give me some advice!

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    Quote Originally Posted by myrddin33 View Post
    ....I've been able to get Sygic activated with EU maps......
    myrddin33 - Sorry for the thread hyjack, but could you point me towards a DL source for the EU maps pls? The links in the stickies aren't working any more Or would you mind sharing your maps on a fileshare pls? Many, many thanks!

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    Re: Request for Sygic USA maps

    365Speedster - the EU maps are available on torrent. it seems every map for the world is available on torrent except USA (oh woe is me)

    Anyone have any info on the US maps?

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