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Thread: Sygic Fleet 10 Australia & New Zealand 2011 POI

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    Sygic Fleet 10 Australia & New Zealand 2011 POI

    I have downloaded some poi for Sygic for Australia from PoiPlaza site and carried out you instructions regarding .upi in relevant Map/Aus folder and icons in Res/ Icons folder.
    The categories on my Camos CN-790 GPS show up with a ? (Question mark) in front of them instead of the relevant icon. When I search a Catergory it takes about 30 seconds and I get a message
    "Sorry no find anything" The operating system on the GPS is wince 5. Am I putting the files in the correct folders? I cannot find the location of the preinstalled poi that were installed on the SD Card.

    Kind regards,

    Denis Hill

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    Re: Sygic Fleet 10 Australia & New Zealand 2011 POI

    1 Unpack the file you have downloaded.

    2 Copy the selected files in following manner:
    - poi files with .upi extension to the relevant map folder your country or world file
    - icon file with .bmp extension to \res\icons folder.

    3 Launch the Sygic application and select the "Manage POIs" from menu, followed by "Show/Hide POIs" and select the desired categories.

    4 Select the required POI category.

    5 Uncheck the "Warn only if POI is on route" box, otherwise POI will not be visible when approaching.

    Note: The POI may be displayed as an inaccessible location if the map you are using is not sufficiently detailed.

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