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Thread: Sygic 12.13

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    Re: Sygic 12.13

    Quote Originally Posted by bipsync View Post
    hi.. 1stly thanx..

    my problem is.. i cant get the trial option.. is it because i use the same google account? previously used to have sygic trial.. but the trial priod finished already.. now when i try this version.. i only get options like buy, map, something, & restore.. no trial..

    sorry 4 my english..
    I also have the same problem as bipsync.
    Had sygic 11.2.6 before.
    Unistall then deleted the sygic folder.
    Install the new 12.1.3 . however there is no option for trial.
    only purchase or recover from googleplay.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thank you

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    Re: Sygic 12.13

    If your device is rooted.
    Use root explorer or browser - browse to root/system/lib/
    delete com.sygic.asec1 & com.sygic.asec2
    Then reinstall for clean trial version.

    Or just ignore the trial option.
    Uninstall the google play after the downloading the base files & voices.
    Just copy the maps into the map folder.
    Then install the cracked one.
    It will be ok. Only you can't see your installed maps.

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    Re: Sygic 12.13

    1st i have rooted my gt-i9300
    installed sygic 12.1.3
    downloaded resourses and required maps
    renamed sygic folder to sygicxxx
    installed sygic 12.1.3 cracked
    still when i run sygic on the 1st display it shows Buy Sygic is it normal ???


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    Re: Sygic 12.13

    one more question after installing the cracked apk and renaming folder's name back to normal again it asked to download maps
    anything wrong with my process ???

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