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Thread: Sygic 13.1 Beta

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    Sygic 13.1 Beta

    It's available a beta of teh new Sygic 13.1


    1. Drag & Drop for simple route editing – In version 13.1, you are able to edit your route using Drag & Drop feature. It is pretty easy. When you already have any route from point A to point B computed, just tap and hold your finger at any point of your route and drag it to your desired position. Drop the flag and your route will be recalculated afterwards.

    2. Pedestrian mode with spoken instructions – From version 13.1, you can use spoken instruction for pedestrian mode as well.

    3. Sidebar for tablets – If you have an Android tablet, from now you can enjoy Sidebar that will show you a lot of useful information about your route.

    4. Off-road – Sometimes you just need to get off the known roads. In this case, our Off-road feature will leave “bread crumbs” behind you. So, you will never have a problem with getting back on the road. Off-road will track your movement and help you get back the way you came from.

    5. Fix for Contacts on Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) - From this version, there should be no problem with navigating to your contacts.

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    Re: Sygic 13.1 Beta

    Thyese changes look really useful. Is this an update or a reinstall- looks like an update being only 11 Mb. Will it revert Sygic back to being a trial?

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    Re: Sygic 13.1 Beta

    Tried Beta 1 and Beta 2 version
    It is a complete disaster, based on clear application development errors.

    This version does a Call home (counting cars on the roads, finding whether ......) But does this in the GPS THREAD. THis is a BAD CONCEPTUAL ERROR(beginners error).
    Threads are a development term indicating a single stream(sequence) of operations. While fast postioning events are entered a slow http request is handled. This way of operating and such development would bring down every android application.Here it blocks the sygic essential functions to operate normaly.
    very often it can not even complete the request)
    marking Connection failed ..... from and arround this point the whole sygic runs bad causing minutes and minutes delay and overload of the internal memory.
    One can say only if you have a good mobile plan and a very good PERMANENT connection you can survive using Sygic. Still in degraded slowed down mode.
    HTML http requests should not occor accordingly to the specs they do an cause SYGIC to fail completley .

    PS: tomtom on the same spot runs smooth and fast as hell. Even the inital GPS syncing time is much better ....
    THe last sygic changes are all exterior cosmetic , ok they seem nice but they completly foregot to have the essence working )

    Fafored Sygic but my doubts in the company are huge by now.

    The app improves a bit as one places a firewall arround it, blocking(forcing a fail on evey http request.... Then it works but still suffers from inline timeouts(causing sygic to be only seconds[ far to much for navigation] behind the reality) for the http requests.

    As far as I know there is no way to completely lock any http request !!!..
    RUnning on a test simulator, they clearly miss these kind of problems !!!!
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