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Thread: Sygic MapDownloader v1.0

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    Sygic MapDownloader v1.0

    Requires: Windows and DOTNET 4.0
    Overview: Download Sygic TeleAtlas map v12.(...) to PC


    This is what it says below this post is not true. I do not know to install dotnet 4 and therefore it does not work. On various forums set the folder and now when he appeared MapDownloader wants to drop dead of jealousy.

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    Re: Sygic MapDownloader v1.0

    Nice one Brown Dog! I used Google Translate - ROFLMAO ;-)

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    Re: Sygic MapDownloader v1.0

    Browndog What You said on MPT "Because of those who comment on every thread, I get a rash on the skin." Still having pimples. You can copy all my Zippyshare Download Links now. For Free., I Work hard for pleasure of sharing and not for Your Pleasure. You better get that.

    Yes also You can ask to delete this post too...

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    Re: Sygic MapDownloader v1.0


    Sygic Mapdownloader 1.0 is DOWN, Please reupload !!

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