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Thread: How to fix Sygic Aura problems

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    How to fix Sygic Aura problems

    Info need before you post a problem with sygic

    To make the this a little eayser when it comes to Sygic problems.
    Please fill in the info when posting your problem.

    If you are using Android Kitkat 4.4.2 it will not work on a SD card at this time.You most install it internally.

    1.Need to know what version of Android you are using.
    2.What version of Sygic did you use before you changed it?
    3.Was Sygic working before you changed it?
    4.Is this a new install for the first time?
    5.Did you install over an older version?
    6.Is HUD working or not?
    7.List your
    8.What version maps are you using?
    9.Have you changed map versions?
    10.Are you using TomTom or Navteq maps?
    11.Have you downloaded the latest MapDownloader?
    12.Have you taken the time to read the posts here?

    The more info you give the quick the problem can be fixed.
    Do not post a one line comments like:
    Sygic is not working.
    I can not find my maps.
    There is no HUD.

    Detailed info please
    Screenshot if you can.
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