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Thread: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39

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    Re: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39

    Quote Originally Posted by MicheleM42 View Post
    I downloaded central europe 890.4222, but it doesn't contain Croatia like indicated above. Why? Thank you
    The list of countries covered is incorrect. Croatia is on the Eastern Europe map and the Central and Eastern_Europe, but not the Central Europe map. Verified at
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    Exclamation Re: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39 - Clone Maps

    Quote Originally Posted by tweety39 View Post
    Compatibilty Charts v.890/v.891 showing which maps work with which navcores


    Info Clone Maps:
    ll these maps are clones. This means that the maps are identical in size and internal contents.
    The difference between them is only a difference name of two files: a meta; PNA; (is new know, and only from v.875)
    So if you have one map, you have absolutely no need other maps cloned group.

    If for some reason you need multiple maps from the cloned group then you do not need to download all maps, but only 1 map clones within that clone-block.

    For example:
    -You have a map WCE_875_3613. But you want to get a map Europe_875_3613
    -You do not need to download ~2.5GB again.
    1. You can only copy the "meta & pna" - file from WCE_875_3613 in a new folder
    2. rename those in "Europe-386.meta & Europe.pna"
    3. open the "Europe.pna", rename "ID=Western_and_Central_Europe.pna" in "ID=Europe.pna"
    4. save
    5. rename the blowfish from WCE_875_3613 at the end (from Western_and_Central_Europe-386.meta => Europe-386.meta), save
    6. activate now the alt WCE_875_3613 with the new make files in Europe_875_3613

    This way you can from one (any map clone) to get all the maps of the group.

    (if someone of the mods/admins can it better say, please edit this Tut, thx)

    1. Clone Maps:
    - Europe_890.4222
    - Europe_2GB_890.4222
    - WCE_890.4222
    - WCE_2GB_890.4222

    2. Clone Maps:
    - Europe_890.4223
    - Europe_2GB_890.4223

    3. Clone Maps:
    - Europe_890.4224
    - Europe_2GB_890.4224
    - WCE_890.4224
    - WCE_2GB_890.4224

    4. Clone Maps:
    - Central_Europe_890.4222
    - Europe_Central_890.4222

    5. Clone Maps:
    - Central_Europe_890.4234
    - Europe_Central_890.4234

    6. Clone-Maps:
    - United_States_890_4234
    - United_States_1GB_4234 (Zone)

    7. Clone-Maps:
    - United_States_890_4236
    - United_States_1GB_890_4236 (Zone)
    Credits to tweety39

    This cloning procedure can be used on the new 890-maps as well:
    You will need both the .pna and the .meta files for the map you want to clone to.

    1: For my PNA, Rider Type 1, I had downloaded the map Europe_890_4224. No meta.txt can be found for this map.

    2: Started to download Western_and_Central_Europe_890_4224 for which meta.txt can be found.
    Got stuck after part 3 by 'You have reached your daily downloads limit' on RapidGator

    3: Opened the unfinished .rar file and found the files Western_and_Central_Europe.pna (73 bytes) and Western_and_Central_Europe-565.meta (373 kB)

    4: Copied these to the PNA or SD-Card Map-folder, 'Western_and_Central_Europe' where the rest of the files from Europe_890_4224 resides.
    NB: Remember to rename the Map-folder, in my case from 'Europe' to 'Western_and_Central_Europe'
    Also: Delete the files 'Europe.pna' and 'Europe-565.meta' from the map-folder.

    5: Copied the the newest 'FastActivate.exe' and 'meta.txt' to the PNA or SD-Card Root-folder.

    6: Ran 'FastActivate.exe' as Administrator for Maps/Voices/SpeedCams and for TTHome directly in the PNA or SD-Card Root-folder and... SUCCES

    The new 'Western_and_Central_Europe_890_4224' map cloned from 'Europe_890_4224' is fully activated in the PNA and in TTHome


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    Re: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39

    Thanks a lot for your work !

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    Re: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39


    I am new here and already tried to open a thread in GENERAL section but didnt see "open thread" nowhere.
    Anyway ...

    I got a TomTom GO 940 LIVE which I updated to:

    DeviceName=TomTom GO 940 LIVE
    DeviceVersionHW=GO 940 LIVE


    However, I do not know where to get the latest UK map + speed limit notification
    as well as the maps for Easter Europe including Europe - countries like: Germany, France, Bosnian, Serbbian, Albanian etc

    Anyone give me some clue
    I got no idea what I am doing apart from clicking some buttons

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    Re: Compatibility Chart For v890 Maps & Navcores by tweety39

    Start your search here

    Sure you'll find at least something

    Read also my signature for tutorials


    Aad - pe1agp
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ and for For an excellent tutorial clean install read LemonFish his post

    TomTom GO 910 - Navcore 9.510 Bootloader 5.5128 Hitachi HDD replaced by SDHC 32GB Class 10
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    TomTom One N14644 Canada 310 - Navcore 9.510 Bootloader 5.5011
    TomTom on PDA iPAQ 2210 - HAiCOM HI-305III GPS Receiver PCMCIA - Navcore 7.450 Still running some latest maps.
    TomTom on iPhone 4 Google Maps

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