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Thread: France_895_4437 Special

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    France_895_4437 Special

    This is a map prepared by me with some modification so we can activate and operate normally in the gps

    It is tested by me in the XL with optimal results.

    France_895_4437 (415.5mb)

    Additional info:- This has been tweaked to enable it to be activated using the following meta which we do have (because we don't yet have the official meta for this map):-

    ; France v895.4447
    1B C7 9B F9 36 DD 35 F0 A1 FE E6 0A CE 1B 95 E1 France-625.meta

    Quote Originally Posted by For others models
    This can be done with all 4437, using the 4447 meta if exist.
    Also works with the 4436 using the meta of 4444.
    Change ...-608.meta. by ...-625.meta
    Change ...-607.meta by ...-622.meta
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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    The map 4437 work very well with this meta
    thank you

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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    Indeed good job works well with go930t
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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    The map 4437 works very well with this meta and tomtom GO520
    thank you

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    Question Re: France_895_4437 Special

    map 4437 works but a "little" problem with my Go-730 nav 8.302...

    ... at first boot ---> "unknown voice" visual warning message and, after, no TTS at all with this map

    maybe I made something wrong...
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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    interesting hobby-experiment
    Any possibility to do it on Benelux 4437 as well

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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    Could you post the meta file here. I just downloaded the original map and it took hours. PLZ Thank you!!

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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    Hello, I can't activate it. I have a GO on v.2 withe a navcore 9.43. Could you help me to activate because also with Fast Activate (28/09), it doesn't work. Is there any tutorial to do that ?

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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

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    Re: France_895_4437 Special

    The link works fine. Try again.

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