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Thread: [Android] TomTom Original Maps with APK

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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    hi i found solution for the speedcam just download them from poiplaza then place them on maps folder

    on my htc desire hd working very good

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    That's not really a solution right? No warning, so you have to monitor your display constantly. Of course better than nothing though. I can imagine having a displayed poi category with 400K entries slows things down quite a bit as well.

    Best solution would be to be able to use the original tomtom speedcam files by creating the unlock files with a keygen like on PNA devices. On iphone, there seems to be a program doing this.
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    To the mods: shouldn't this thread start higher in the tree?
    It's neither iPhone nor Navigator . . .
    It's a system on its own!

    Has anyone succeeded in getting Tomtom Android to work on a phone with less resolution than 800 X 480?
    On my phone the splash screen opens correctly, and then I halts.
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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    Samsung I5800, 240x400 - works all maps we have till today. Personally d/led them through wi-fi. Can't see entire menu/display pane in driving mod, but it works thou.

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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    does any one know how to crack tomtom speed camera for android
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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Sohi91 View Post
    how to crack tomtom speed camera for android
    yeah, just crack out your CC and pay the folks.

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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    All the links are Down

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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    i know the meta of the map

    but... how i know my ID of my device ??? It's no like a PNA, and don't shows the device ID ?????

    but... the map have .dct file and seems to work in all tt app


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    Re: [Android] TomTom 1.0

    TomTom v1.0

    Europe, Western Europe, D-A-CH, U.S. & Canada, Russia-
    Baltics-Finland, Australia

    mirror (in one package):

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