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Thread: Can my satnav become a TomTom.

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    Cool Can my satnav become a TomTom.

    Hi all.

    I have been given a satnav unit but would like to ask if it could become a tomtom.
    The only details i can find are as follows.

    Made by Tele Atlas.
    Running TurboDog 5.0
    And Astrob is something else i found.
    And has a 1gig sd card in it.
    Hopefully thats right.

    I just found this through my pc.

    Navigo Navigation System V5.1.4
    Hope that helps.

    I would like to ask would this unit be able to run tomtom software and core engine.
    I hope so as its pritty rubbish even if it was free.

    Thanks for any help i may recieve.
    Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums.
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    Re: Can my satnav become a TomTom.

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    Re: Can my satnav become a TomTom.

    Thanks for your help mugglesquop.

    I have a problem

    While connected to satnav using usb i have two drive listed.
    1 has a size 30.5kb and is called ( __TFAT_HIDDEN_ROOT_DIR__ ).
    2 has no name but has a size 950mb which is the sd card.

    I cant remove the first and cant even delete it, not sure if im ment to but cant any way.
    Also there seems to be nothing in that folder to start with.

    The second i have full access to and can delete or add at will.
    Im taking it i need to put the core in the sd card but what about the other folder.

    The satnav still boots up under the old core it came with and not sure how im ment to get this to run like a tomtom.
    How do i make it boot from the sd card instead of it running the native os or core it came with.

    Any pointers or help would be much appreciated.


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