Firstly thank you for reading. Now hopefully you may be able to help me.

I am trying to install a 2GB Western Europe map onto my US TomTom but I have no idea how to do it. I am sure I have all the software but I just don't know the procedure.

Hopefully you can help me install this map either direct onto the TomTom or via a SDcard.

This is what I have:

A US Tom Tom One XL
App: 8.010 (9369)
Map: 'USA_and_Canada' v710.1575

I have made a backup and it works fine. I have DL a 2G Western Europe map (Map zip ref: E048.zip) I can't remember what map version it was.... Sorry.

So can anyone tell me what I do now... I have looked at the tutorials so I can understand the procedure I just dont know if I can I wipe my US maps and install the western map or do I have to keep the US stuff? Or where to go from here.

I would really appreciate your help folks.


Sorry about being so vague...