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Thread: TT 740 go live updateting the map very slow

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    TT 740 go live updateting the map very slow

    Hi everyone i have a TT 740 GO Live
    App: 9.051.503855.2
    OS: 483784 (1016, 27/2/2010)
    64MB RAM (free: 11,4mb)
    GPS V 1.20
    BOOT: 5.5259
    MAP: WC v850.2800 on a 4 GB SDHC
    My problem is: the map its very slow updated 10, 15 sec from real time and the speed the same. Before i use the map from the internal memory but now i couldn't find one to fit my 2GB and the update was made every 1 sec. I try the latest navcore but the result its the same. Can anybody give me a solution to my problem please. Thank u in advance.

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    Re: TT 740 go live updateting the map very slow

    When you say you have tried the latest navcore, which one do you mean? The numbers are not linear. 9.101 is for a different line than 9.201 and 9.054 yet again.

    I suggest you remove the 9.051 SE version and try the original navcore instead. The latest version is 9.054 which came out last month. Remove all files except for the map folder (move the files to your computer) and connect your tomtom to TomtomHome. it will offer you teh "tomtom application" which it will update in steps, probably 8.351, then 8.371 and finally 9.054. Then when you have the latest version, disconnect from tomtomHome and patch this navcore with one of the tools discussed in the tools subforum here. Then put back voice files that you miss, car art and mp3 files. The LoquendoTTS you can also get from TomtomHome > Update my tomtom....
    Last thing you do is reset the tomtom by pressing on/off for more than 15 seconds.

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