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Thread: TomTom Voices and how to change them

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    TomTom Voices and how to change them

    If someone have any problem regarding voice than try this

    RS Link to the Celebrity voices...

    English Celebrity voices : RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    turkish upload to sendspace, no wait time Merry Xmas: English More Celebrity voices : RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    turkish upload to sendspace, no wait time Merry Xmas: Stewie from Family Guy: both of the english packs, stewie, and a bunch of stock voices (in case you need em back) INCLUDING this how to in a text file
    one quick download!
    and i see the voices list is from 1.0, i am workin on the 1.2 list

    get 1.2 here

    To change the voices....

    1. Select the celebrity voice "dataxx.chk" & dataxx.vif" from the folder and copy to desktop.

    2. Rename the files to one of those found in the TomTom app. They start at "data00.chk" and "data00.vif" and go up to about 60. the data00" files are those of "Dansk - Brigitte". I haven't checked the rest.

    3. SSH into your iPhone and find the TomTom application folder.
    Once in the TomTom folder got to the folder "voices". On my iPhone it was located in "private/ver/mobile/applications/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-x....../US-Canada app/voices"

    4. Drag your newly renames files from your desktop into the voices folder on your iphone. You will be prompted if you want to overwrite. I did. But you might want to make a backup of the originals before you do.

    5. Now you can open your TomTom app on your iPhone and go to Settings then voices. If you used the file names with "00" then you can select the voice of "Dansk - Brigitte" and low and behold you will have your celebrity voice.

    * I've only tried it with one voice, Homer Simpson (data74.chk & data74.vif) and changing the file names to overwrire the "Dansk - Brigitte voice" (data00.chk & data00.vif).
    Maybe as you find what the other numbered files relate to (data01.chk , etc...) you could post here so people will know what they are overwriting.
    ** It has been pointed out that the Homer voice in my pack is different from the authorised Homer voice that you can buy from TomTom. If anyone has the Authorised version and knows how to install it (if different from my method) then please post here and I'll add it to the start of the thread.

    If you change the files these are the corresponding TomTom app names you will have to select to here your voice. These are from the US/Canada version and the list was compiled by tpewebmaster on Xsellize.

    00- Dansk Brigtte
    01- Deutsch Werner
    02 - Deutsch - Lisa
    03 is missing for some reason
    04- English(UK) - Tim
    05-English(UK) - Jane
    06- English(AUS) - Ken
    07-English(US) - Lori
    08- English(US) - Bonnie
    09- English(US) - Richard
    10- Español - Marta
    11- Français - Jacques
    12- Français - Catherine
    13- Italiano - Chiara
    14- Nederlands(NL) - Bram
    15- Nederlands(NL) - Eva
    16- English(US) - Mandy
    17- Nederlands( - Lucie
    18- Norsk - Liv
    19- Svenska - Astrid
    20- Norsk - Jorgen
    21- Svenska - Patrik
    22- Español - Antonio

    23- Dansk - Nils
    24- Italiano - Roberto
    25- Português - Joaquim
    26- Português - Catarina
    27- Suomi - Kati
    28- Suomi - Matti
    29- Nederlands( - Bernard
    30- Greek - Olympia
    31- Greek - Aristides
    32- Ruskii - Anna
    33-Ruskii - Vlad
    34-Polski - Katarzyna
    35-Polski - Andrzej
    36-Eesti - Jüri
    37-Slovencina - Barbara
    38 is missing for some reason as well.
    39-Türkçe - Ozgur
    40-Latviski - Ivars

    41-Cestina - Miloslav
    42- Malay - Erra
    43- Bulgarian - Marius
    44- Español(LA) - Norma
    45- Español(LA) - Raul
    46-Catalan - Maria
    47- Srpski - Predrag
    48- female - Shanghainese
    49- Hrvatski(Croat) - Goran
    50- Português(BRA) - Gabriela
    51- Magyar(HUN) - Marika
    52-Lietuvskai - Vladas
    53- female - Cantonese
    54- female - Mandarin
    55- Japanese - Kiyoshi
    56- Roman - Oana
    57- Thai - Yue
    58- female - Hakka
    59- female - Mandarin(Taiwan)
    60- female - Hoklo

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