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Thread: Can I upgrade Navcore of ONE XL 325 SE?

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    Can I upgrade Navcore of ONE XL 325 SE?

    I am quite sure there are answers to my questions somewhere on this forum, but finding them is incredibly difficult since I haven't been able to come up with a search phrase that will pull up a thread relevant to my questions. They're pretty simple, though, and I would appreciate any help y'all are willing to provide!

    I have a TomTom ONE XL 325 SE, which I believe has 1gb of internal memory (and which definitely does not have an SD slot). So I am limited to 1gb maps. That's fine - I've updated maps and added different country maps before...and they've worked great.

    But what about the navcore? Can that be upgraded? I tried doing that and then my unit wouldn't boot. Instead, the main screen flickered (looked like it kept rolling upward, so it was scrolling really fast) and then the screen went blank (backlight was still on). I thought I had bricked it, since it wasn't showing up as a drive on my computer (Windows 7) anymore, but then I guessed it was actually asking me if I wanted to connect (it didn't show this on the screen) and I tapped where the "Yes" button usually is. That did it - I put the old files back on and it works again.

    So what, exactly, is the process for updating the navcore? Is it possible?

    Can any maps be used on the ONE XL 325 SE as long as they're 1gb and are compatible with the installed navcore?


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    Re: Can I upgrade Navcore of ONE XL 325 SE?

    Hint: It helps to mention which navcore you have and which ones you've already tried. That said, my TT ONE works great using SE Navcore 8.412.1236. It's available from and other sites. There's also a file available called "How to build your TT One V2 with Navcore 8.412.pdf" which will help walk you through the install process. Suggest you run the Clear Flash tool before installing the new navcore. It's available on TomTom's website.

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