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Thread: RDS-TMC Antenna 9UUC.052.02

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    RDS-TMC Antenna 9UUC.052.02

    Hello !

    TT is selling on US website a USB Lifetime Traffic Receiver :
    USB LT Traffic Receiver - Accessories - TomTom

    The p/n of this device is 9UUC.052.02
    RDS-TMC Antenna 9UUC.052.02-usb-lt-traffic-receiver_300tcm137-8757_250.jpg

    First of all, this one works only with Navcore v9 and higher, that's the only sure information.
    When you ask to TT support, they answer that it should be working (!... maybe ???) over US and Europe... So it means that there is now traffic information over FM band in US or this is an AM receiver over the ClearChannel or the information is false...

    On TT discussion website (Go 720 and RDS-TMC receiver - TomTom Discussions) you will discover that it is not working for some people (maybe because they are still over Navcore 8 with their x20/x30 devices).

    So the question is, does anybody has bought this device and tried it over US ?
    If you have bought it and live in Europe, you can try by switching map to North America map and the GPS will tell you if it is compatible...

    Thanks in advance for your help to clarify this point...
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