hello, so basically, i buy my friends tomtom xl live iq routes edition, i check the software version (navcore) and maps and see that they are both outdated. the LIVE services still had about 6 months left. I thought I might aswell download and install the maps etc from here. below are the steps i took.

1. I backed up all the files on my tomtom to a folder on my desktop.
2. I formatted the tomtom with fat32 and "quick format" options selected.
3. I downloaded the 9.151 prepared navcore (by bmwdriver) and copied it to the tomtom root once the format had completed.
4. I downloaded the configuration files and copied the relevant tomtom xl iq live "reskin" file to the tomtom root.
5. I downloaded the LoquendoTTS files from the same thread bmwdriver posted with the navcore and copied it to the root.
6. I downloaded the "United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_ 870.3406" map and put it onto the tomtom root.
7. I downloaded the FastActivate and put the application onto tomtom root.
8. I downloaded the latest FuelPrices files from a section on this forum (latest version) unzipped and renamed the relevant file and put them inside the map folder.
9. I downloaded the latest postcodes files from the map thread and put the file on the tomtom root (inside a folder called "zip").
10. I downloaded the latest speed camera files also from this forum and unzipped and copied the 2 relevant files for the uk map and put them in the map folder.
11. I then turned the tomtom on to generate a "ttgo.bif" file, which successfully created.
12. I then connected it and opened the FastActivate file, clicked "updatemeta" button and then the "activate" button. The map, speed cameras and fuel prices successfully updated.
13. I then turned the tomtom on, all seemed to work. I took it for a test drive in my car around the neighbourhood and everything worked except the LIVE services. I click on the live services button in the menu and clicked on "my services" and it came up with an error that said "Cannot connect to TomTom LIVE services. Please try again later"

what am I doing wrong?...did i miss something out?
someone please help me, your help is much appreciated
kind regards