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Thread: Newbie TomTom Go 530

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    Newbie TomTom Go 530


    I've been searching the forum for a while and am looking for a resource where I can find out everything I need to first know as a newbie and then do as a newbie.

    Basically I've got a Tom Tom Go 530 with App: 8.351 and Map V815.2003 UK and Ireland.

    I'm trying to install the latest Europe plus UK map on here. I've downloaded Albert's Easy Activator but all the newbie guides have expired plus I'm not really sure if that tool is all I need to run to make everything work?

    Is anyone able to tell me about the steps I have to take to get this map on the Go?

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    Re: Newbie TomTom Go 530

    This is what I did with my GO530.

    Buy a Class 6 4Gb sdcard, and a card reader, and put this Navcore on it Best NavCore for Go x10, Go x20 and Go x30 . Now download the latest 870 3406 map for the UK to the SDcard and patch with Alberts Easy Activator. If you use Simons voice all the files are not there so copy them across to the relevant location from your Tomtom to the SD card. All this can be done without putting the SDcard in the Tomtom.

    Now put the Sdcard in the Tomtom and it should boot to this new Navcore and map. Take the SDcard out and you are back to your old Navcore and map.

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