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Thread: Canada_Alaska map shows US cities?

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    Canada_Alaska map shows US cities?

    Hi everybody,

    I have upgraded my Tomtom One 3d Edition to Version 9.101 a few months back. Downloaded France map and have been using it for months without problems. Going now to Canada, I have downloaded Canada-Alaska_875_3613 (seems compatible with 9.101), installed it via Windows 7 explorer, used AutoActivate to activate the map but when I want to search a city in Canada, all I can find is some cities in usa, Vermont, Pennsylvanya, Washington (State), and some cities in Alaska, that is the cities on the border between USA and Canada, but nothing in Canada, no Montreal, Calgary, etc.
    Any idea why?
    I thought I'd mention that:
    Tomtom Home recognizes the map as canada_Alaska allright.
    I'm using that GPS in France. Could that be it? Could the Canada Map only work when I'm in canada or closer to Canada?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Canada_Alaska map shows US cities?

    Have you switched maps to Canada? even though you are in France in the menu when you ask for a destination if you have a Canada map in the TTom and search for a city that city should come up. I am in the USA and I put an Iberia map in my TTOne I can get cities in Portugal and Spain of course I do not get satellites but if I do go to a recent city let's say Lisbon I can play around w/that and see various streets or POIs in Lisbon.

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