Hello everybody,

First post and great forum by the way. It might have already said there or otherwise how to fix it but i wanted to write a post about it so other people might fix this issue without browsing the many posts on this forum.


Some of you might face the following problem:

- Slow startup
- Freeze or very long period to start the TOMTOM.

and also:
- and/or You have updated your TOMTOM through the official TomTom Home.
- and/or You noticed that if you reset your Tomtom back the initial version, the problem disappear so you have sticked to the original version of TomTom because each update somehow cause you to think the new version is very slow.

I have a Tomtom One 3rd Edition. I have noticed this problem but I didn't think it was part of a bug of Tomtom.

The fix

To fix this or at least to check if you have the same problem as I had:

1°) Backup your mapsettings.cfg in the map folder you are using. (Just copy it somewhere on your Hard Drive).
2°) Delete the file mapsettings.cfg on your TomTom map folder.
3°) It will regenerate the file.
4°) See if you have still speed issues with your TomTom on startup.

If not, that was the mapsettings.cfg which had compatibility issues (or is too big) and cause freezing, loop shutdown and so on.

It doesnt work for you?
After having tried this fix, if it is still slow, then it is not a fix for you. Copy back the mapsettings.cfg into your TomTom map folder.

It works for you, restore your favorites
5°)If that works for you. Please note that you will lose all your favorites and some config data. You will have to find another way to restore your favorites, reconfigure your home address and so on.
You can use the PoiEdit software to extract back all your favorites and put them back manually so that your mapsettings.cfg is still compatible.

I have tried a trick found on the forum, which In my personal experience, which in fact does not work. After an update of the navcore, I have tried to keep the mapsettings.cfg to get back my favorites (by adding a new favorite). At first, it looks like it works. All my favorites were back. But then my tomtom was slow and i had the loop back bug (when i make a route, it will freeze, shutdown and reboot).

Mapsettings.cfg heavier over the years?

Also I noticed that the mapsettings.cfg store all the history of my typed addresses which might over the years which might be the reason why the mapsettings.cfg is getting heavier and heavier and maybe heavy to read on startup. That might help free some RAM too if the file is lighter.