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Thread: TomTom privacy and history of typed addresses

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    TomTom privacy and history of typed addresses

    While figuring out why my TomTom was so slow, i found out that the mapsettings.cfg file actually save and store all the typed GPS address you might have entered on the GPS, over the years.

    I actually use a software to edit this file and was amazed by all the informations which have been stored.
    I thought only the last 5 or 10 addresses were saved but in fact, I found out that almost all the places I have typed are still there.

    1°) Pros: you can recall all the previously typed address over the years, which might make typing faster ?

    2°) Cons: In term of privacy, I am concerned. That means that if someone else, a third party is checking your GPS, he/she can get all the informations on the places where you have been over the years.
    Not that i have stuff to hide or am doing illegal business or so, but just concerned about my privacy.
    Also the file gets heavier and might use more RAM or memory.

    Just for information.

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    Re: TomTom privacy and history of typed addresses

    It stores all Favorites and, on my GO910, up to last 30'ish destinations, along with other info.
    I store my favourites in POI Favourites (easilly copied to a new map) so mapsettings.cfg may be deleted if one so desires.

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