Does anyone else here think that the TomTom Voice Guidance feature is far inferior to other sat navs? I'm using a 920 with SE 9.101.516023 and a recent UK/Ireland map. I've noticed for a long time that whereas other Navis say "turn now", or "take the exit now", TomTom gives guidance before the event but does not give that final indication which I find really annoying. I remember one SatNav that would beep just before the turn in question so that the driver was in no doubt as to which road turn-off they needed. Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts on this and whether there is a tweak for it?

A friend of mine recently showed me a free Satnav on a new Nokia phone which she was able to use without looking at the screen because the voice guidance was so precise. I could never do that on my TomTom.